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Hi all,
I wasn't sure where best to post this question...
Just looking for feedback/ideas: I've had a home studio setup for many years that runs around an iMac with StudioOne v3 Professional, single 8-channel FireStudio Project and a FaderPort. I've been looking for some time to upgrade to at least another 8 inputs - I have a 16-channel snake already in place - and I've been really tempted to grab one of the AI mixers for their ability to mix away from the desk (I'm a drummer, so being able to fix headphone mixes and make other tweaks without having to run between rooms would be ideal, and getting away from mouse-keyboard to more hands-on from a mixing point of view is also a goal). However, whenever I get myself to a point of almost making a decision, Presonus comes out with a newer, better, shinier item that stops me in my tracks...

Would I be better off with simply a second FireStudio Project and maybe the FaderPort8? I know this won't provide the AI functions I'd like, but it's by far the cheaper option...
Or would an AI mixer be the way to go? That then makes my current FireStudio largely redundant...
Would a RM mixer work with the FP8? Or is it a must to also get a CS-mixer in that scenario?

So many options...I'd like one of each...:)
Any thoughts or other possible combo ideas are much appreciated.


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