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Hello -

I am looking for some hardware advise. I currently have an Intel Duo Core desktop with 8 gigs ram running Win 7 Pro 64bit. I have my Firestudio Project connected. My DAW is Reason 8.3, I don't expect I will go to 9, we will see what comes next.

I have had some issues in Reason when monitoring and recording audio, little clicks and pops. Not a lot but, enough to be no fun and make me hesitate to work seriously on much. I did update Universal Control so I have latest drivers, and currently am using a buffer of 512 at 96k. (as recommended by Propellerhead support). I do NOT hear any of this when just live monitoring my FS input from UC. I also recorded a test into Reaper and it sounded great. BUT I really like the workflow in Reason so I want to get it working.

I cleaned junk off my hard drive and did the driver updates this weekend. The machine is well within min specs I have seen. I am not running big projects with lots of stuff, though i might if I can get more confident in my set up. My system tray is really minimal and I put Norton to silent mode. And again, it was only happening in Reason. I have written to their tech support too. Things seem better. But it is an older machine and I am thinking maybe its time to upgrade? Any opinions on that? Or is it just a matter of setting things up better?

If I get a new machine, will I need replace my Firestudio? I like it a lot but firewire is on the way out?. I really want to get past this frustration and just make tunes confidently. I am open to a laptop, for possible playing out use, but I want to have a dock so when working at home I have 2 screens and plenty of work space. I don't really care to have gaming level specs, I want a solid audio set up most of all. If I get a new machine will FSP be a bottle neck that SHOULD be replaced? 400w is not a big bandwidth looking at recent comparison charts. But I also don't want to overkill this ;).

Hope these questions don't sound too uninformed. I like most when I don't have to think about this stuff and can just play but, I want quality so I can make some more serious work.

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.


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