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Hi guys,

here's a pic of the motherboard of my Firestudio Project. I was thinking to maybe be able to repair it with the help of a friend who's qualified, if I can get hold of the damaged component / components, unless Thomann, where I bought it in 2011, comes back to me with a great offer,

I've been running all my gear through a PowerStrip PS10 conditioner for a year. I'm thinking the damage here must mostly have already been done before I hooked that up?, what do you think?,


Many thanks!,


EDIT: Realize I wasn't so clear about the request; I'm wondering about the damaged component in the photo - how can I find out what it is? I don't see any info on its body, like you have on capacitators. Which mark on the board applies to it? Is it "U1"?
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by matthewgorman on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:27 pm
Would be very hard to say when that happened. Where are you located? Presonus offers flat rate repair which may be worth having done, which also comes with 12 month warranty. Outside of the US would be handled by the distributor in your contry. A list of them can be found at the support link up top.


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by markkoromeo on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:41 pm
Thanks Matt, I've emailed Paul Mason now. Last time I had it repaired, I sent it back to Thomann in Germany.

EDIT: I'm in London UK.

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