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I use this Firestudio Project to collect and amplify signals from various microphones located around my garden in birdboxes and on feeders etc. I would like to be able to take the 8 line level outputs from the general purpose sockets and link them to their individual video feeds. When I try this with the box not connected to a pc I get no signal at all from the gp outputs. When I connect it to a pc and use Presonus universal control software I cannot isolate the individual signals. This is probably due to my ignorance of the product but if anyone can tell me how to obtain 8 isolated outputs I would be grateful.

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by cristofe on Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:35 am
Your FSP can be used as you describe in standalone mode without a computer:

FireControl - Zero Latency DSP Mixing/Routing
The FireStudio Project also includes the FireControl mixer/router a 18x10 DSP mixer/router for flexible mixing and direct routing any input to any output including the headphone output, with zero latency. The FireControl software application lives between your FireStudio Project interface and your DAW software enabling the mixing and routing of input streams coming into your FireStudio Studio Project interface and playback stream coming from your DAW software. The FireControl is capable of creating up to five stereo mixes and then routing to the outputs of your FireStudio Project for headphone mixes and various aux sends. This way everyone in the band and the recording engineer can have a custom mix. Also, the FireStudio Project is loaded with internal flash memory so that all FireControl settings are saved and recalled in the FireStudio Project during power off/on. This allows you to configure your FireStudio as a stand-alone device, without being connected to a computer for uses such as a submixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone pre-amplifier!

The proper procedures for configuring I/O are outlined in your manual. If you have not already done so please take the time to read it and register your FSP with Presonus.


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by diogenes1 on Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:08 am
Thank you Cristofe for your advice but I could find no explanation of the technique in the manual. However under the 'support' tab in the 'knowledge base' I did unearth a description of the technique to use which seems to have done the trick. Thanks again.


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