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I just received my FireStudio Project. I look forward. Only, here, for the moment, it's extreme frustration.
I plugged in my Mac Mini that runs on OS X Mavericks. I, of course, installed the drivers compatible Presonus OS X 10.9, namely Universal_Control_172.dmg.
I managed to record a test, quickly, with just a connected microphone. It has registered, weakly, but it worked.
However, no sound through headphones or monitors.
After various tests, factory settings and then check the firmware (which happens to be updated), I sound in the headphones, but when I cut it leads the Phones button beyond 8 on the FPS.
In contrast, the Main Out give no sound. Finally, if, as a signal very, very distant but then! and rotten. The Main button changes nothing. This 0, that distant sound always comes out.
If I plug the monitors on an output General Purpose Outputs I sound, but still does not control the Main button.
Where may well come from this? My FireBox otherwise oldest, works it, no problem.
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by lessthanpaul on Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:14 pm
Same problem for me. No sound out of mains or headphones, however I'm using a PC. I have playback from DAW(SonarX1) but can't get the mixer to work. Live inputs register on the face and in the virtual mixer, but will not route to the mains 1/2.
I uninstalled and reinstalled driver
This unit was previously cascaded with another 10x10 previously

Seems to be a software issue but I can't pin it down. any help would be appreciated.
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by dpete210 on Sat Dec 04, 2021 3:41 pm
I've not been able to use my Firestudio mobile for recording on my iMac since the Mac operating system went to Catalina and onward. However, I've checked on the Presonus site several times since I bought the iMac in 2020 for any workarounds to work with the Mac OS system upgrades, with no luck. Just yesterday I tried again and downloaded and installed what sounded promising for Big Sur (now moved on to Monterey, System 12) from this page:
https://answers.presonus.com/61858/do-y ... or-big-sur

This worked for me:
I was able to connect from my iMac 2019 with Monterey system installed to the firestudio (blue lights functioning instead of blinking blue/red) as it recognized the presonus firestudio driver, but couldn't get any sound. Finally, after numerous unsuccessful efforts, I got the sound to connect by going to the Utilities folder and opening Audio MIDI Setup and clicked on PreSonus FireStudio found in the left menu and then clicked on Configure Speakers in the lower right-hand corner. Once I did that the sound came through to Garageband. For the first time since I bought my iMac, I can now record and listen to playback using Garageband with the install I downloaded from the above link provided by Steenhive. Thank you Steenhive!


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