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Hi, long time user, first time poster!

Over the weekend I did a nice fresh clean install of Windows 10 as I was having some minor issues elsewhere. My DAW, Cubase Pro 9.5, ran really well.... Now not so much. I've not changed any hardware, just simply reinstalled Windows, Cubase, drivers etc.

Now when recording audio it's either badly distorted from the outset or becomes distorted after a few seconds (10 seconds, 20 seconds, it varies). I've tried changing the buffer on my Audio interface, but it hasn't helped. I've reset the interface software to factor defaults & that didn't help either. Any thoughts would be welcome, I'm at a complete loss.



My set up is
Cubase Pro 9.5 (version 9.5.50 build 345)
Presonus Firestudio Mobile interface with the Universal Control (driver version 5884)
Windows 10 Pro version 2004
Intel i7-2600 @ 3.5GHz
32GB Ram
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by cristofe on Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:31 am
Well.....I have both a Firestudio Mobile and a Firestudio 26x26 running just fine on Win10.....but.
I no longer use Cubase. After using it for many years, I made the switch to Studio One. So perhaps your issue is with Cubase. I'm assuming you installed the latest available drivers for your FSM:


Have you tried any other hosts or standalone audio apps that would use your FSM's drivers? That might help narrow the problem down. If don't have another host you can download the free Studio One Prime and test the drivers with that.


I would also suggest you pose this question on the Steinberg forums.


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