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FireStudio Mobile and Jamkazam/Jamtaba.

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 10:06 pm
by joshonskis
Hi, I added my system specs to my sig as mentioned by one of the admins. I hope that is the info you need. If you need more please educate me. I've been trying to get my FSM to work with these online collaboration tools for a coupe weeks now. Jamkazam recognizes my device but won't accept it in the add audio setup. I keep being told my sample rate is bad or that it appears that my device is not connected or working properly.

For Jamtaba, I connect to one of my colleagues private nimjam server and never get past the "preparing" stage. Again, jamtaba recognizes my device and allows me to select it for input and output in the audio preferences I get the message "The audio device can't be started! Please check your audio device and try restart Jamtaba!"

If anyone has surpassed these hurdles any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.