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Since some time ago, I cannot use again my FireStudio Mobile because the output on Universal Control is permanently saturated. After connecting the FSM via firewire to my macbook pro, with no activity on the inputs, the output meter is always on maximum. Any sound coming from the DAW or instrument connected to input sounds saturated even with low volume.

I use a cable Firewire 400 / Firewire 800 bilingual (6 pins to 9 pins).

I have tried to install the latest drivers as soon as they were released, but I still have same the problem. The latest one I installed was the release on December 20, 2017. Changing the clock source or sample rate did not work either.

This is how Universal Studio looks when I just connect the firewire cable.

Anyone with the same issue or with an idea? I really like this interface as it works offline too, so I can route my keyboard throw the interface and the monitors, without my computer being connected.
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by SwitchBack on Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:55 pm
Feedback loop?
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by alvarocastaeda1 on Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:05 am
Unfortunately it doesn't seem. I attached a screenshot from Universal Control. Nothing is connected to the inputs and the only opened app is Universal Control. The speakers produce no sound on this scenario, only the digital meter looks weird.

This problem disappears bypassing Universal Control, switching off the main output from the right panel. However, I need to use it to have offline mode, so I can listen to my keyboard with the speakers even when the computer is disconnected.

I think it might be an issue related to Universal Control.

Screen Shot.png

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