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Hello everyone, thanks for being here and reading this :D

I’m trying to map a Midimix with Studio One, but I’m having some problems and I haven’t been able to solve yet. So, I would like to ask for your help if you have any information about this please. I have been learning from other XML files, but I’m run out of information now.

I prefer using Mute and Rec buttons for other things, such as Play, Stop, etc. I have been able to map and light some buttons up using XML. For example, Play, Stop, Record, Loop buttons and their leds are working well. But, I haven’t been able to light them for other things, like Zoom, Markers , when I open the Mixer, etc.
I’ve tried different settings and definitions for the controls, but with no success.
This is the one of the definition I’ve tried for one of the buttons :

<Control name="test" type="button" options="receive public"> <MidiMessage status="#90" address="#16"/> </Control>
<Control name="testLED" options="transmit public"> <MidiMessage status="#90" address="#16"/> </Control>

I’ve tried “trigger” for the Type value as well.

Then for the mapping , I have got this code working, but led doesn’t work because I don’t know how I should write the instructions for the “testLED” button as I did it for Play, Stop, etc.:

<Command control="test" command.category="Console" command.name="Zoom In"/>

For the “Playback” button, I’ve used this code for mapping and everything is working fine:

<DeviceMapping device="TransportPanel">
<Command control="playButton" command.category="Transport" command.name="Toggle Start"/>
<Value control="playLED" param="start"/>

I suppose the <Value control…> instruction is which makes Play button light up.
But in the case of my Zoom button (and other buttons), I have no idea what I should write in “param” to transmit the info to my Midmix. The same thing is for this instruction which I use in order to go to the Next bank (or Previous bank), I don’t know which parameter to use for lighting its button up.

<ScrollButton control="faderBankRight" direction="pageright"/>

When I open the Edit window for my External Device (Midimix) and I press the “test” button from that window, it makes Zoom In and lights up on my midimix. ;/ :|

In addition, I tried to assign commands (Assign Command…), as a Midi Learn function, from that windows to other buttons which were previously lit, but led didn’t work for those new assignments.

Finally, I would like to know if there is a code to use my Midimix with a pick up mode function.

That’s all. Please, let me know if you have any information about this, any help is useful. THANK YOU!

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