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Hi, I've read on an other forum that we can use macros for keyswitching between different articulations. You can see the info i found below by LawrenceF. Now i had a look in the macro organizer and saw there are copy, past options etc but i didn't see any copy midi notes option so i don't get it. Anyone can explain how i can do what he described by LawranceF?

Also, i found this video that shows something similar but not exactly the same i believe:


This is pretty much the last question i need answered before i make a purchase decision so i would appreciate some help with that. Thanks.

Studio One doesn't have an articulation manager of any kind, it's one of the higher voted FR's.

There's a couple of methods that work better than clicking in midi notes in the key editor for articulations. One of them is using macros to quickly create and edit overlaying key switch clips on the arrange tracks. This has the obvious benefit of both always easily seeing where the switches are and also retaining the freedom to transpose from arrange without also breaking the key switches (which of course would also transpose the articulation note pitches otherwise).

Explanation later on:

Yeah. The setup for it (as with other similar things) can be a little tedious, but once it's done it's done. Basically...

Key switches are just midi notes so you create macros to copy and paste any single midi note from anywhere and pitch it directly to a particular key switch. The paste operation puts the new clip on top of the main clip. So basically, you'd have a macro toolbar group and buttons for say "Strings", range select over a single midi note (or a group of notes if you can't isolate a single note, doesn't matter really since they'll all get pitched to the same note later anyway) from anywhere on the track, click a button titled "Pizz" and it copies the note, pastes at the cursor location as a new clip overlaying the string clip, names that clip "Pizz", and transposes the midi note to to whatever the Pizz note pitch is.

It's all (the macros) just copy, paste, transpose, rename... but you have to set it all up to pitch to the right notes.

It ends up looking like this below, with the switches laying of top of the main clip. That works well (for me anyway) because you can easily edit and move the switches around without ever going into the key editor and you get the articulation names on the clips. And of course, you can edit the main clip in arrange without screwing up the switches.

Unfortunately, the image has bee deleted so we cant see what it looks like.

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