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Calling any Studio One, iMac and Yamaha MODX users

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:06 am
by hotlips71
Please can anybody help once and for all? ( I shall try to cover all bases)
Firstly, excuse my lengthy query as it is in 3 parts and maybe a Yamaha query rather than Studio One.
1. Can I use my MODX as a controller (as well as a standalone sound source) to play VST’s in Kontakt. If so, how to a achieve this?

2. Should I only use USB from MODX to Mac if I want to say...Play exclusively, sounds from the MODX? Taking advantage of the 8 or10 outs and 4 returns.

3. Or should I stick with the Audiobox? At least Studio one picks this up whereas it doesn’t with the MODX. Well it does but, then drops it! Very frustrating.
I have recently moved from using Windows, Sonar, (this was a DAW I used from year dot and was familiar with)
Presonus Audiobox (2) channel audio interface and an Oxygen 88 controller keyboard to play and control library plugins.
All of this worked fine but on a slow PC.
A huge and still continuous learning curve later, my little studio now consists of:
A refurbished iMac, mid 2011, 3.4ghz processor, recently upgraded to 16GB of ram;
OSX 10. something....High Sierra (don't know how relevant this might be)
Studio One 4.5 Pro; (I have already installed the required Steinberg software for the MODX)
A pair of near field monitors and an Acorn 25 midi controller that came bundled with the Presonus Audiobox (2 channel) audio interface I bought years ago.
That's it!
However, my workflow has ground to a halt.
When I first set-up, I connected 2 balanced audio cables from the L&R outs on the MODX
To the front panel L&R ins on the Audiobox.
Then from the Audiobox rear outs to L&R ins on the monitors.
(this seemed to produce nasty audible signal noise from the monitors)
This also applies to when using the USB from the MODX to the Mac (although less audible)
I then left a message on the forum and was assured that using the USB from the MODX direct to the Mac removing the Audiobox all together, was more advantageous because I get 8 or 10 outs and 4 returns.
( I think I grasp this concept of the outs )
e.g. To send a drum kit from the MODX to multiple channels to my DAW.
(explanation fishing!!)
The 4 returns I'm not too sure about.?@????
When in Studio One I chose to reset my audio setup, loaded a new track and was able to play the MODX through the monitors no problem.
However, when creating a VST track and playing this with the MODX the sound came from the Mac speakers.
I have a feeling there is a issue with Studio One compatibility as I can't even find a channel strip or signal coming from the MODX when looking at the mixer.
Finally, yesterday I opened up Studio One to find that it has dropped the MODX and I can’t get it to play at all.

Help Please!!
Unfortunately my strengths are as a musician not a technician. Routing is a bit of a headache!