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Well apparently, I'm not allowed to post in the RM section because I haven't purchased an RM series mixer so hopefully, a mod can move this for me?

Am super interested in the RM16ai for mainly studio use. I like the idea of having dedicated input channel processing rather than adding plugins and dealing with latency etc. Also, being able to control the mixer via a modular format such as an iPad or touch surface etc. is advantageous as I don't have a lot of desk space and don't want a huge mixer taking up all my free space.

On that note, is FireWire or Dante a better option here?
What provides the best latency etc?

I understand that AVB is out the door now and while I did read of a Thunderbolt option card, it looks like that was a failed promise?

My other question is the FaderPort 8 and the RM16ai - do they interface at all?
Cheers and hope to hear back from someone.
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by billpalmer on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:54 pm
Looks like this place is dead in the water. I got a reply with quick turnaround via an RMAI users group on Facebook. Even better, they didn't ask for proof of purchase before they let me post a question. It's almost like they care or something?

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