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I’m new to Studio One and I’m trying to hook my existing stuff.
I have a NI Kontrol 88 and using the recommended MCU (Mackie) Daw 1 or Port 1 I’m not able to get the transport working.

When I press on "Stop" or any other I got a note played.

Anyone having the right setting ?
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by bernardsfez on Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:11 am

I need to create 2 controller (that wasn’t obvious).

I created a first external device as new keyboard to record midi using Kontrol 88 port 1
I created a second external device as Mackie -> Controller using Kontrol 88 daw 1

That way it work fine.

PS: How do you mark a topic as [Solved] ?

EDIT Marked as Solved

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