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I make an audio post production tool that translates XML exported from video editing software (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve & EditShare Lightworks) into formats that can be opened in various DAWs.

A Studio One Professional user recently requested that I add support for Studio One, so I just did in the latest release - Vordio 5.3.2. For use with Studio One you should convert an NLE XML to OpenTL format. There is no need for OMFs or AAFs. Vordio workflow is entirely XML based.

Studio One can import OpenTL files, but has some minor limitations as Studio One ignores some information in the file. It would be great if Presonus added support for importing these extra small bits of information.

However, even with these minor limitations, all the material is there & in sync ready for post production mixing. So still really useful.

More info here..


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by Lawrence on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:36 pm
Very nice tool. :thumbup: Thanks for sharing.

If you're interested, from a developer POV, you can write the Studio One song format from scratch, the literal song format. It's all xml. The only somewhat tricky part is managing the cross references for the media UID's for the media pool. I did that in Visual Basic, converted a few text based song formats (Reaper, Ardour, etc) directly to Studio One song format, and it worked although my initial coding approach was somewhat clunky, not being a highly skilled developer.

I'll have a go at it again later and do it better. The best approach, once you study the layout of the xml files in a Studio One song package, is to create a Studio One song class that has all of the objects and properties for all of the data and parts represented that a song requires, then fill those objects in the class up with any data from anywhere, write the xml files to disk and zip them up into a song package. Doing that will translate - way - more song settings than OpenTL.

Example class: Needs work. https://github.com/ExpressMix/Read-Song ... g_Class.vb
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by johnbaker9 on Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:57 am
Thanks. Yes I may add support for native StudioOne song format later as well as OpenTL. I chose OpenTL initially because some other DAWs can also import it.

Incidentally, I've also just added a new "compare projects" tool that allows comparing two NLE timelines to produce a change list for a sound editor.


This change list can then be fed into a hammerspoon script I wrote to reconform the audio project to fit the altered picture edit. It does this by sending keystrokes to the DAW. I have added StudioOne support to my script as well as a few other DAWs.

Here is example of auto reconforming a StudioOne project.


This change list in the example was initially produced by comparing two FCPX projects.

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by Lawrence on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:09 am
Really cool stuff man, thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

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