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If my question seems idiotic, please forgive me. I'm new to this world. I'm using Studio One Artist with a 44VSL interface into a 2013 iMac running OSX 10.9.5 - I'm only recording instruments & vox - direct and miked - no MIDI at all. I keep reading about this fabulous "Fat Channel". It looks to me as if the Fat Channel is available through the 44VSL hardware AND through the Studio One DAW. In other words, I could be using a different DAW (Logic, say), and still access the Fat Channel. Is that correct? Is the Fat Channel anything more than a series of plug-ins that can be used together or individually? I absolutely plan on sticking with S1 - it's tight with the hardware and it's elegant and simple. As opposed to Pro Tools, which had me practicing my hangman's noose and considering primal scream therapy. Never again.

It looks like any plug-in processing I want to use - including Fat Channel effects - can be accessed via the Studio One GUI. Why would I ever want to even pull up the dedicated 44VSL tab? Am I correct in thinking that any combinations of plug-ins available through the 44VSL window are also available from the S1 DAW window? Am I missing something? Support from PreSonus has been outstanding - great tutorials and information. Can anyone provide a link to helping me understand the connection between my 44VSL box, its corresponding graphic, and the S1 Artist DAW? Thanks for your time and patience.
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by mwright137 on Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:08 pm
The FAT channel in VSL is there if you need it, but you have better plugins in Studio One. Some people might use the FAT channel to process the signal on the way in, for example to compress a vocal that is out of control.

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by SwitchBack on Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:48 am
Also remember that the FAT channel in S1 was added at the request of users who wanted to reproduce mixer processing in S1, or to experiment at home with settings to be used live with their mixers later on. It's an extra service but in a way redundant yes. :)

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