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Longtime Studio One user, since v1, I contemplate taking the plunge and buy into Softube plugins. Been hesitant many years because I don´t like and don´t want to endorse their use of the iLOK software protection system.

But I´m very tempted by the Modular route and their new VST-synths and some effects, and of course their nice collection of EQs, compressors, etc.

A temptation it is, as I´m aware of the risk of sinking a neverending amount of money on their goodies, month for month.

On the other hand, just talking about EQs, compressors and the like (not VSTsynths), I already own the S1 plugins that are included in the latest pro version of the sequencer and all the plugins from Fabfilter. What more do I really need?

It´s like, I already buy some nice mid priced regular coffee in the supermarket. Do I need to start buying into all the new coffee sorts every month from the barista shop also? Is that a fair metaphor?... :shock: :D

OK, to the question, when talking of just the Presonus fat channel plugins, the channel strip collection, and the mix engine effects, to the Softube competition, how would you say they all compare? And if we throw Fabfilter into the mix also, ie Presonus+Fabfilter vs Softube?

I´m not trying to start a war here, I have great respect for all the mentioned companies, and I know there always is an amount ot subectivity about these things. But it would be interesting to see the responses, I think.
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by brent mosher on Sat Sep 18, 2021 5:43 pm
I own many of Softube's products. I don't own anything by Fabfilter. I have Studio One Pro. I also have NI Komplete Ultimate which has many FX made by Softube.

You can demo all of Softube's products. I think the demo period is 20 days. Probably the best way to answer your questions. To me the iLok thing is a non-issue. You don't need the dongle. As you must know, Softube specializes in vintage emulations and offers FX types not covered by FF or PS. Both FF and ST are highly regarded companies. I would think you are pursuing two different flavours. I'm far from an expert, but for me ST FX are a signifigant step up from the PS offerings.

Softube products are now always on sale. Never buy at full price. If you're are patient most of them can be bought at half price from their website. I just took a look. They've got a big sale on right now.

As to cost, well, how much enjoyment and fulfillment does making music bring you? Using quality tools just adds to the enjoyment and inspires me to make better music.

I don't have ST Modular. I use Reaktor. But the new ST Amp Room is my go to for guitar amps. Again, signifigantly better than PS Ampire. The only negative I could say about it is the presets aren't very adventurous. NI Guitar Rig is better for more experimental sounds.
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by brent mosher on Sat Sep 18, 2021 6:11 pm
PS. As to "what more do I really need" with regard to fx: FF and to a degree PS and ST just cover bread and butter fx. There's lots of fx types out there beyond their offerings.
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by reggie1979beatz on Sat Sep 18, 2021 6:35 pm
Softube make MANY plugs that I feel I can't live w/o. But I got them on the "cheap" and feel good about it.

As far as a "sub" which I'm guessing you are in about, it's about use vs. cost. IF you are going to use it, it's worth it. For example I have 3 computer based subs: Sphere, SSD, and now quite possibly....almost definitely the Reason+ sub. If you add all of them up, it's a MASSIVE amount of quality music making situations, but people do hate subs.

Softube is a VERY VERY good company. If you are going to use them, then sub away. MOST (if not all) subs are geared towards you being able to ditch at anytime. This is worth it's weight in gold to me.

But you will get MANY others that think that subs are just awful evil things to destroy you. I have it in you to "do the math" and figure it out for yourself. Screw what others say, you know what you are doing.

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Good god, it's brilliant.
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by ianaeillo on Sat Sep 18, 2021 7:46 pm
Softube and FabFilter are FANTASTIC. I especially love Tape and Pro-G. I have never run across a plug-in by FabFilter that I didn’t love.

That said, I do really like the Fat Channel state space plugins. The FC670 is quite good.

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by frank.crow on Sat Sep 18, 2021 8:23 pm
ianaeillo wroteSoftube and FabFilter are FANTASTIC. I especially love Tape and Pro-G. I have never run across a plug-in by FabFilter that I didn’t love.

I totally agree

Just add Plugin Alliance to that list and I’m totally covered. I use other vendors for certain specific needs but these 3 companies are my desert island inventory.

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by jBranam on Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:57 am
i have a few Softube plugs... and although most of them are a bit pricey you can't argue their quality. (i always wait for sales) my favorite and most used Softube plugin is the Tonelux Tilt. it has a nice subtle transformer (harmonic) sound and you can't beat a good tilt EQ. not knocking S1 stock plugs... most are rather nice just they are sterile imo as in digital (clean) and i prefer a bit of taste (trash) but they are GREAT for those just starting out. get to know them first THEN move on to other things... you will benefit in the end.


p.s. yeah i like Fabfilter too. i also like Acustica Audio product but they are BEASTS and will eat up most computers being image based lol

Dionysus thought me mad
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by Lokeyfly on Sun Sep 19, 2021 12:18 pm
Hey hebex,
I won't get into the subscription thing. For me that's just not on the table, so sorry if that was in the context of comparisons.

I have the Fabfilter Pro Q. Ironically, I don't use it much  except on the surgical side of a final mix. As to Softsynth, I'm only familiar with some of their renderings like their Native Instruments contribution with the RC24, and RC48 (Lexicon 224, and 448 rrspectively). Having owned some Lexicon PCM reverb's, I can tell you Softsynth did a tremendous job with the algorithmic modeling.. I can also attest to Studio One's Open Air as quite an excellent convolution reverb. They're just different beasts one would do best having both available. Ultimately just pick what you like and use the most. There's certainly no X versus Y in most any broad strokes.

Like any DAW, there are some useful native effects, and some not so good. After all, it's quite a task for a DAW/hardware manufacturer. to keep up with those specializing in only effects.  To be fair, I don't see those effects companies making a DAW so it's all about emphasis. Some of the lesser quality DSP Native plugin software in S1 I won't pick on, but suffice it to say, the phasing, chorus, and Rotary stuff is for all practical purposes, something that fell off the minimal tree. I don't use the Fat channel, as I have the BX Console, the Waves Schepps Omni, and McDSP 6060. But hey, for a free Channel strip, the fat channel has a  pretty useful set of add-ons, though rather hidden in view which is a bit of a thorn in its side, imo. The Pro EQ, Limiter, Compressor, and Multi Compressor are quite good for most people needing essential tools. They will get things done with little to no unwanted distortion or tradeoffs.

The Fabfilter collection is still quite good. As to an ILok, I know man, I was completely avoiding it (again) for years. However, I recently picked up some McDSP plugs and had to bite the bullet  (or dongle). I couldn't be happier, and ithe iLok is virtually invisible,  reliable, and dragable to switch and work as a cloud device if necessary. It's also physically tiny now with the iLok 3rd generation version.

Go for the Softsynth stuff that you really can use. They're pretty decent, from what I trialed in the past. I would get freebee plugs from them at the AES conventions. I don't know their policy, but I just hope they don't pull the garbage Waves did with their WUP fee. I trimmed my over 30 plugins down to 7 because I wasn't going to be a part of their stick it to their customer extortion practices. It's just that I have too much work in place with the Omni channel, so I met them a quarter of the way.

Pick what works for you and try not to get into the conundrum of gear addiction. Make your priorities relevant and I can assure you, it's better to know and learn a few good plugins well along with their limitations, than a multitude of plugins not so well. Particularly when you get into the thick of mixdowns and/or mastering. That's where real subtleties are magnified.

P.s. If you don't respond to your post, everyone here is coming after you.. :P

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