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Tldr, my Computer can handle it and I would like to be able to hear my affects in my sends while I am recording instead of using low latency through my audio interface. I like that for mixing on the fly and its and old protools habit.

I've been up all night researching it's kind of ruined my night because I really had some inspiration for a song anyways I had a friend over the other night and he wanted to record with 0 latency which by the way even with my effects I'm getting very low latency. I've click the blue button next to the red record arm button in still no Avail. I've also delved deep into the settings in still can't find a fix. Someone please help

Studio One 4. :reading:

Edit. Running maudii fast track ultra 8r.
Should the host be disabled in the control panel?

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by djak24k on Fri Oct 30, 2020 2:30 am
OK I think I have most of it figured out here is the question that I asked on reddit just for poop's and giggles if you could please answer the rest of the questions I would be forever grateful

Well actually have most of it figured out but the block size (I've read mixed reviews) and so whether or not I should keep should I keep "disable host control unchecked" in my control parallel.
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by Baphometrix on Fri Oct 30, 2020 1:43 pm
The real answer revolves around the Low-Latency Monitoring (LLM) feature. You basically need to disable it entirely. If you are seeing a green- or blue- or black-colored "Z" icon anywhere in the interface, then you have LLM enabled, and it works specifically by bypassing plugins with more than 4ms of latency, and creating an internal duplicate copy of everything in the signal path.

It's confusing at first to understand, set up, and control, but it's worth the effort.

Search the product help for "low-latency monitoring".


To your specific question, there are TWO block sizes involved.

The "Device Block Size" in Options > Audio Setup > Audio Device controls your physical audio interface. That's the block size (buffer size) that will be used when you have armed a track for recording (or monitoring). It must be set SMALLER than the "Process Block Size" (described below) to actually do anything. If you set it too low, you're likely to hear pops and glitches if you have a lot of plugins, especially if any of them are CPU-intensive and/or have high latency.

The "Process Block Size" in Options > Audio Setup > Processing controls the LLM playback blocksize (buffer size). This buffer is used only during playback, and needs to be set LARGER than the "Device Block Size" to actually do anything.

"Disable host control" isn't an option I recognize as being from Studio One? Are you talking about some setting in the 3rd party control panel for your audio interface?

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by djak24k on Fri Oct 30, 2020 7:29 pm
Think you so much a lot of wisdom was relied. And yes when I am talking about the disable host control it is inside of my fast track8r or control settings panel.
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by djak24k on Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:39 pm
I have done a bit of research. Youre correct. it is a bit(very to me) confusing. So am I wrong or if any type of Z no matter what the colour is showing up , whwre or when id if its yellow-green blue or whatever than that means that there is some sort of studio one monitoring going on is that correct? And if that is how can I eliminate this? Can you please help me understand this more Think you so much you have helped me more than anyone else has and I have been up for hours and hours researching tonight in last night in asking people in they didn't help like you

I do have it working right now with the blocksize higher than the buffer size or maybe it's the other way around because I am so confused but it works decent enough. I would like to know more but something easier to understand. Could you please send me any type of links or videos that could further help me ??? If not I understand and I thank you for your time to reply.. thank you so much and blessings your way
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by SwitchBack on Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:30 am
AFAIK there’s three forms of zero/low latency monitoring:

LLM (low latency monitoring) is a DAW mode to reduce latency to a minimum, often at the cost of some functionality. Audio is still processed by the DAW and hopefully fast enough to make the round trip latency (delay from interface input to output) low enough for workable live performance monitoring.

Z-monitoring (green/blue Z) is a mode where the interface’s driver can return audio from the interface straight back to the interface, so not passing through the DAW. If the driver has such a mode then control may be integrated in the DAW or it’s controlled from the driver’s control app. Z-monitoring is faster than LLM, but it may be prohibited by the computer’s operating system or processor for bypassing all sorts of security measures just to be fast.

Hardware zero latency monitoring is when the interface or even the (headphone) amp has built-in mixer properties. This can be very simple (just a knob to return some audio from inputs to an output) up to a complete mixer with all the bells and whistles. Hardware monitoring is the fastest option of the three because it completely bypasses the computer interface.

An interesting fourth option is to use hardware monitoring in combination with 100% wet effects (delays/reverbs) from the DAW. The nature of effects is to have delay so a little latency doesn’t harm at all.

Hope this helps a little to see the wood for the trees :)
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by djak24k on Mon Nov 02, 2020 7:58 pm
Thank you so much that long reply and I am sure that it will help me very much here is a big :). But I can't read it right now because all I want to do is focus on the artistic process in I want to go in the studio in have fun 1st and mix later. I've gotten this just a little bit figured out in I am sure your paragraphs will help me out way more.

But now question is this didn't there used to be an option where you could automatically monitor the track once it was armed? So I didn't have to click the blue button every time I armed the track?

And also… What do I do about disabling the host control through my audio interface Gui? I have a fast track ultra 8r

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