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Hey, I looked up this question all over Google and couldn't find a clear answer, especially not for Studio One specifically.

Anyways, whenever I have a bus that I'm sending to an audio/vocal track, I have the ability to adjust the "send level" of it, but I also have the ability to adjust the volume of that specific bus. I've tried adjusting both and they both sound like they have the same effect, so what is the difference between the two, Send Level and Volume, and in what cases would I want to adjust one over the other?

I hope this makes sense. Check out the attached pics if you need a better idea of what I'm referring to.

Bus Send Level.jpg
Send Level of the bus I sent to my audio track.

Bus Volume Level.jpg
Volume Level of Bus

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by Steve Carter on Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:18 pm
Maybe an over simplification (and possibly too basic) but the first is the send level to the bus and the second is the send level from the bus to the output chosen for the bus (main out by default).

In between the 'to and from' will be any fx plugins on the bus so the send level (if the bus inserts are set to pre-fader) will be the level being sent to the bus + any fx inserts and the bus main fader will control the resultant level of the signal out of the bus.


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