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I may be losing my mind. I distinctly remember that I used to adjust the volume of individual clips in a track easily. Click on the clip, the drag the top line of the clip up to raise the volume, down to lower the volume. When I do this now (Studio One Pro 3) it visually increases or decreases the size of the waves in the clip, but makes NO difference in the playback volume.

Have I lost my mind? What am I doing wrong? And before you jump on me, I know I can just automate the volume on the track, but this used to be such a quick simple fix to even out audio clips.

Again, it "looks" like it's working by adjusting the size of the waves in the clip, but makes no volume difference during playback.

One disadvantage I have is with my current work schedule, I only get to play in Studio One a few times a year any more, so I may have just forgotten a step or something.

I'm confused. Any help?


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