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Over the last three years or so, I've been bookmarking courses and tutorials for Studio One versions 2 and 3. Given how many newcomers there are on the Studio One forums, I thought it a good time to share a list of the ones I've found so far. Perhaps other long-time S1 users would care to share any they know of. Almost all of them are YouTube channels; just one (Groove3) is an external pay-for site, but I consider it to be the best.

Full courses
Quanta - Extremely detailed course
Obedia - Older but still good

And the paid-for site
Since most of what's in version 3 is the same as version 2, you can start out watching the version 2 videos then catch up with the new features in the later videos. There are lots of Studio One-related content on this site. It's a goldmine for newcomers.

All of these sites have a good number of tutorials on various subjects and some might even have enough to constitute almost a full course. They've changed and added content over the years, but it's a good list for dipping into or for finding videos on particular topics.
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