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Re: Computer I/O Considerations

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:00 pm
by frank.crow
davidrupert wroteFrank,
It sounds like you're satisfied with the results you're getting at the moment, but if that changes, the only way to improve the performance of your Mac Mini would be to replace the mechanical hard drive with an SSD.
Kits are available for doing that, but migrating all your data from the old drive to the new SSD can be a hassle.
If you're not familiar with the process you might need a professional to take care of it.

Even with an SSD for storage, a dual-core CPU can be overloaded pretty quickly by most modern DAW programs.
That means it actually wouldn't be very cost-effective to upgrade a 2012 Mac Mini.
You would probably be better off putting the money toward a stronger computer if you get to the point where you're exceeding the capabilities of your Mini on a regular basis.

I hope this answers most of your questions.
Good luck with your audio endeavors!

Really appreciate this info. I had considered the SSD route you suggested but wasn't sure just how significant of a difference it would make. Do you think it's worth it? Also I had considered the 27in IMac because I was told that was the only one I could upgrade to 16 GB of RAM. But I'm using a 32in flat screen for a monitor (adjustable swivel wall mount) and have become very attached to the large HD display and viewing angle. Suddenly the $2,000 iMac seemed not so cost effective. The the next option was the tower Apple sells for $3000 but I decided to stay married instead.

I've a nice inventory of work arounds ranging from rendering down to plug in choice and management, This philosophy has translated to VST choices as well.

I use Native Instruments on the super important stuff while mixing in GPO and Miroslav for the heavy lifting. I save T Racks for Bus Channels and Mastering duties and likewise delegate the other duties to Izotope, Fabfilter and the occasional stock plug ins. I have a black belt in Multi Out routing at this point too. I'm not complaining though, working this way has forced me to rely on my craft and skill set more. Hopefully this way when I can work with out restrictions someday I will make wiser mixing decisions.

Thanks again