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Hihoo ,

Re-demoing S1 .
My keyboards keep sending cc123's , making it impossible to record midi with sustain pedal (cc64) .
I demo-ed Reaper a while ago , and a workaround was to insert an external midifilter plugin before the vsti .
Tried the same thing in S1 , doesn't work . Inserting a midifilter on instrument track kills the vsti's sound .

In S1 , how can I filter cc123's @ input , thus hearing my sustain before/while recording ? (NOT talking here about midifiltering recorded events in the midi-editor)

Thanks :)

Remco Z
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by FinalSaga on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:28 am
Hey Remco

Which keyboard, which system,which device, which daw (version) ;) those are a littlebit of the info
we need to be able to help you


Studio One v2.x 3.x 4.x-
- Firestudio Modile - M-Audio BX8 D2 Monitors
A few VST's and VST-I's
Korg Krome and a few yamaha's

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit sp1 on MB: Asus F1a75-V Pro with
AMD Athlon II x4 651 (3.0Ghz) and 8gigs RAM
Graphic: Radeon HD5770

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by Remco Z on Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:19 am
Hey Saga ,

Long years Cubendo user , looking to switch DAW . ;)

- Win XP 32bit
- Hoontech DSP2000 audio/midi interface
- Technics P-60 88-keys E-Piano & Roland D50 61-keys synth (only used as midi-controllers)
- Behringer UMA25S 25-key controller with its integrated USB/midi interface

The cc123 issue happens only on P60 and D50 connected to DSP2000 midi in .
When playing/triggering/recording on the UMS25S (via its own USB/midi ) , no cc123 in midi monitors , and thus sustain works as expected .

Demoed S1 free about a year ago (with the VST restriction) .
Now demoing S1 full . Presonus synths react normally to sustain .
It occurs with any external vsti.

In Cubendo , the 25year old native midifilter allows to filter all 127/128 midi commands , cc123 filtering is on by default , connecting D50/P60 to a piano vsti works out of the box .

In Reaper , their "universal/multiple" track system allows to put into 1st insert a midifilter plugin , put (f.ex) NI Kontakt into 2nd insert , and it goes :)

Why my P60 & D50 do keep sending cc123's , no idea ... :roll:
No idea either why modern/recent DAW's don't implement all natively a complete midifilter à-la-Steinberg . Mustn't be that hard , no ?

But anyway , if a midifilter plug does the thing , I'm okay with that .

I haven't decided/switched yet , I have a good feeling with S1 in general ... and I might take the leap , but I need to hear the sustain when I play/record .

So if there's a trick to input-filter cc123's in S1 (before midi reaches the vsti) , i'd take it gladly :)

Cheers too ,

Remco Z

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