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Do The Studio One Developers Plan To Implement X, Y, or Z Features?

    The Studio One development team doesn't publicly discuss or approve or allow anyone else to publicly discuss upcoming features in advance, so when or if you hear about a new feature it will most likely be from an official press release. Once you are aware of that reality, asking on the forums and expecting an official answer is probably an exercise in futility.
    There are valid and logical reasons for not disclosing that type of information.
    With that being said, on occasion you may see an official representative or developer here saying something similar to ... "We've discussed (or are discussing) it internally." ... but you should never read too much into those kinds of comments, which are not 'promises' nor official indications of future features.

Why Doesn't Anyone From The Development Team Talk To Us Regularly? They Don't Care About Us?

    You can rest assured that they do care but are busy doing their actual jobs, developing great software. If you have a really pressing need or question about Studio One that requires a timely and somewhat official answer, grab the attention of a Studio One forum moderator and he or she will try to get those answers for you in timely fashion ... within the confines stated above.

    Part of the forum move involves additional moderators who can maybe help to accelerate the general sharing of information.

How Can I Plan For The Future Without That Information?.

    When or if you purchase a digital audio workstation that may cost hundreds of dollars or more, that purchase and/or upgrade should really be evaluated only by it's current capability, not by what you or others may assume might or should happen with it's development in the future.

Why Has Studio One Development Slowed Down So Much?

    If that is indeed the case and not more a matter of varying perspective, that would most likely also be proprietary information.

How Can Studio One Compete In The Market Without Those Big Shiny Features?

    They'll do fine in the general market so don't worry so much about it.

    As an end user, the only thing that should concern you is if the software is potentially useful for you in whatever version you happen to be evaluating. If it's a good value for the money and helps you to be more musically creative.

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