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I was prompted by an article I read today to revisit online mastering and compare the results with songs I had already mastered with Studio One using only Presonus (i.e. free) plugins. The service I liked the most was CloudBounce, but the songs I had done myself were still better. More space/separation, better imaging/soundstage and generally more musical.

So, as this is an advice forum, mine is to save your money and do it yourself. You will have far more control over your work and, with a bit of practice, you'll end up with a better end result. This really is a great end-to-end production environment that we use.

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by Baphometrix on Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:42 am
It's understandable why there's a market for online mastering services. But IMO it's well worth the effort as a producer/composer to spend the time and experimentation and practice it takes to become comfortable with a competitive ability to self-mix and self-master. Understanding what makes mastering difficult improves your mixing. Understanding what makes mixing difficult improves your composition/arrangement decisions, your sound choice (and sound design) decisions, and your channel-specific processing FX decisions.

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