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Atom + AAS Strum GS-2

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:08 pm
by kellykrogman
Hi All,

I've been using Studio One since version 2.x (now on 4.x) and have been using Applied Acoustic Systems' Strum GS-2 for almost as long. The patterns in it are so easy to use with S1 and for a non-guitarist, it can be a true godsend for me. The only problem was I never used the full manual strumming until it occurred to me to try my brand spanking new PreSonus Atom.

The problem had always been my inability to keep one hand in the "performing" position while moving chords with the other, either on one MIDI keyboard or split between two. One hand always wanted to jump with the chords, thereby moving away from the performance keys. Using the Atom completely solved this in seconds. Simply add the instrument, hit #16 on the pad to transpose one octave. Use a MIDI keyboard to create the chords and bang away on the Atom like you're a rock star now because combined with Ampire, let's face it, you are one.

This post was never an endorsement for Strum, it's about thinking outside the box to combine hardware for new performance capabilities. Studio One makes it all possible. There's probably more than a few guitar type plugins that have similar configurations. Atom takes the pain away from trying to teach your hands not to do everything you've been teaching them to do for decades.

Thanks for all your great products, PreSonus!