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Workaround tip for Pipeline inconsistencies

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:08 am
by antonydarvill
The Pipeline plugins inconstancies are well documented. Post titles include
• Export issue with PipelineXT
• Does anyone else have situations where Pipeline Mono stops working?
• Offset does not change when I select "Auto" in Pipeline XT
• Problem with Pipeline and External Hardware

Hypothesis have concluded that it’s a third-party hardware issue, that Presonus “don’t care about hardware users”, that you just need to click on a different track and come back and pipeline will start working again. From my experience and in my opinion all these are bollocks. Presonus make and sell plenty of hardware, I have Quantum + Quanum4848 (aggregated) and still have the same issues and clicking on different tracks works only occasionally. If I was to guess, Presonus would love to figure it but don’t yet have the capability. They’ll get there.

Interim workaround tip: What I have noticed (that I hope will be workaround for many of you) is that as an effect send, Pipeline is stable. If you set pipelines mix and your external devices mix (where required) to 100%, you can then dial in your effect to taste. And, if parallel effects is not what you are after, set the send to pre-fader – that way you can pull the fader right down and turn up the send to get only the effect audio, BAM!

Final Solution: is on Presonus. The Marketing department have coaxed me into buying a 4848 and heaps of analogue gear with a promise, “The included Studio One® Professional DAW features Pipeline XT, allowing you to use your analogue gear as plug-ins inside your Studio One session'. As well as “doing my doe” I’ve spent an enormous amount of time getting settings, pre-sets, routing, cabling and pictures set up and pipeline is flimsy, at best. I’m gutted but praying for God to bestow the software Product Manager with a sense of what is right and the devs the coding skills to deliver stability.

iMac 2013 32Gb
Studio One Pro (current)
Quantum + Quanum4848 (aggregated)
Faderport 16
A stack of analogue and external processors

Re: Workaround tip for Pipeline inconsistencies

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:19 pm
by frank.crow
Thanks for the work around information.