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Green Z Input Monitoring - A Configuration Guide

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:26 pm
by tothrec
Studio One v4.6.1 still does not have Green Z working the way we'd all expect.
Sure it's fine when you are recording fresh tracks, but as soon as you go to do an overdub you find you cannot hear the playback of the track you have armed/monitored.

The following guide walks you through the configuration steps necessary to allow you to hear playback of a Green Z low-latency monitored track.

But: Studio One does not pass the armed track's audio until playback begins.

Low Latency Input Monitoring for audio recording and punch-ins

Enable Cue Mix for each output channel (one for each artist)
How: Options/Song Setup/Audio I/O Setup/Output
Why: Provides a low-latency pathway

Set your monitored latency as low as possible
How: Options/Audio/ Setup/Audio Device/Device Block Size (32,64,128)
Why: So the monitored audio sounds natural

Set playback latency as high as possible
How: Options/Audio Setup/Processing/Dropout Protection (High,Medium)
Why: So the computer doesn't have to work as hard on things that don't matter

Enable Native low latency monitoring
How: Options/Audio Setup/Processing/Use native low latency....
Why: Enables the low-latency pathway

Configure Studio One to turn on monitoring while recording
How: Options/Advanced/Console: check "Audio track monitoring mutes playback (Tape style)"
Why: Without this, the artist will only hear themselves at idle or during playback (yes, this is something Presonus needs to fix)

Engage low-latency monitoring for the main mix as well as each artist's output (green Z)
How: Console (F3), Click on the Z to make it green
(You may need to toggle the view of the Outputs in order to see your Cue Mix outputs)
Why: allows the monitored audio to pass through the given Output

Disable Cue Mix for all other channels (the ones you just want to hear in the playback)
How: Console (F3), click on the blue power button for each playback track
Note: you may need to drag the Inserts and/or Sends up in order to see the Cue mix section.
Why: If you don't do this audio from the existing tracks will be added to the PLAY channel intended to only contain the monitored track.

Unlock the Cue Mix send level from the track's Volume and Pan controls
How: click on the blue lock icon
Why: so you can control the send to the main mix independly

Arm the track, but do not enable Monitoring
Why: For some reason (Studio One bug?) Audio is NOT monitored while recording when Monitoring is enabled when you use "green Z".

Note: Keep the Armed track volume up
Why: so it can be heard during playback

Note: Keep the Cue Mix send at 0dB
Why: provide a consistent signal for the hardware mixer

Note: Mute each monitored channel's Input on your audio interface's mixer
Why: so you don't hear the dry signal in addition to the monitored signal

Configure the headphone mix for each artist
How: set your AD/DA interface's hardward mixer's PLAY volume up just so the artist can hear themself over the mix while recording.

My audio interface's mixer has three sections: Input, Play, and Output.
The Input section is used when you are not applying the Input Monitoring approach.
The Play section controls audio coming out of your DAW
The Output section controls each of the analog outputs

Use Case: overdubbing a vocal track
I use Output 1 and 2 for the control room, 3 and 4 for the isolation room.
In Studio One I configure the
Main Out to go to Play 1 and 2
vocal track Cue Mix to go out on Play 3 and 4

In my interface's mixer I configure
Play 1 and 2 volume to the level I want for the main mix
for the control room (Out 1/2)
for the isolation room (Out 3/4)
Play 3 and 4 volume to the level I want to hear the vocal input and track
for the control room (Out 1/2)
for the isolation room (Out 3/4)

Hope you find this useful,


Re: Green Z Input Monitoring - A Configuration Guide

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:12 am
by Trucky
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Green Z Input Monitoring - A Configuration Guide

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:33 pm
by babulmukherjee
Most helpful - thanks so much!