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The following was compiled by a fellow member themuzic (aka Johnny Geib). Johhny also runs the Home Studio Trainer website (, providing one/one training for Studio One and other presonus products.

This list should be considered "Un-Official", as it was not compiled by Presonus directly. There may/may not be features not listed here. We will try our best to keep this updated as things are added/deleted from the feature set. I am also attaching a text doc of the same listing for download.


Faders, Mute, Solo, Select, Pan
Faders control DAW faders
Busses are in “Mix Masters”
FX Busses are in “Returns”
“Mute” mutes DAW channels
“Solo” solos DAW channels

Pan is controlled by 16 encoder knobs at the top and can also be controlled by encoder under the Touchscreen for currently selected track.

Select button color matches Studio One channel color

Track Channel Mode (mono\stereo)
Selecting a track and then clicking the Stereo "Link" button will change the channel mode between mono and stereo.

Scribble strip
channel name
Automation mode
Control Link parameter for Plugins

Record arm
Hold "Option" and press channel "Select" to toggle record arm on/off per channel. When in record arm the scribble strip will display a large "R" to indicate an armed channel

Channel layer navigation
Channels 1-16, 17-32, and so on. Press Shift and channel layer to go to channels 65-128. Press CTRL and channel layer to go to channels 129-192.
(Not implemented) Groups button used for mixer "scenes". Select a scene to hide channels not in the scene. Option to add a scene/group, page to show selected group with exit and delete buttons.

FX/Aux Returns button show FX channels

Mix Masters button shows buses

Group Masters button shows output channels
Group Masters Button (under fader selectors)
Any Cue mixes created in Studio One can be controlled, independently, by a fader when the "Group Masters" button is selected. (This is only active when the output in the Studio One Output matrix has the "Cue" box checked)

Flex Fader
Pressing “Edit” in “Assign” section will assign currently selected channel to the Flex Fader
Deselecting and pressing "Edit" again will release the Flex Fader.
This will also work with tracks that are grouped together in Studio One.

Mix navigation
Press Main Mix button to have the main L/R mix on faders
Press Mix button 1 - 8 once to bring the associated send mix to the faders. Mix number corresponds with Send slot numbering from top to bottom
Press Mix button 9 - 16 once to bring the associated cue mix to the faders. Mix number 9 - 16 corresponds with Cue Mix slot from top to bottom

Automation modes
Uses Mute group buttons.
All On = All Read
1 = Read
2 = Touch
3 = Latch
4 = Write
5 = All Read
6 = All Touch
7 = All Latch
8 = none

Uses Transport buttons as labeled
Modifiers for additional funcitons
“Option” engaged - Stop is “Fast Forward;” RTZ is “Rewind”
“Ctrl” engaged - Stop is “Next Marker;” RTZ is “Prev Marker”

Solo clear
Clear and channels that are “Solo” enabled

FX Inserts/Sends
Tapping FX on Touchscreen opens list of Inserts or Sends for selected channel
Inserts - shows top down list of plugins on channel
Sends - shows top down list of sends on channel
Tapping plugin in Inserts list will map plugin parameters to 16 encoders
Parameter names show in 16 mini screens per channel
Parameter value shows in Touchscreen and via meter bridge
Tapping again dismisses plugin from computer screen and unlinks plugin parameters from encoders
Tapping Sends will select it.
Send level controlled by encoder below touchscreen

Jog Function
The knob under the touch screen can be used as a "Jog" when enabled from the Markers button and then hitting "JOG" at the top of the screen.

Control Link Mode
De-activating all buttons to the left of the "Selected Channel" meters, activates the Fat Channel for Control Link assigning of the knobs and buttons.

Foot Switch
Make sure the CS18 is in DAW mode
Select "System"
Now go to Footswitch Mode
Press it and you will now see a drop down
If you can not see the DAW options, select the last option and then select again.
You will now see 2 DAW options "DAW Rec/Start" and "DAW Drop Markers"
Select the one you need and then press home.

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