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I have studio one artist 2. I was wondering do my version of studio one have a feature that can reduce my mouth noise when i record ( especially tounge clicks)
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by matthewgorman on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:57 am
Its all about zeroing in on that frequency. A deesser does that in a simple interface, but there is no native deesser plug. A deesser is really just a compressor, so its possible to mimic the effect in S1.

a quick way:
Duplicate the vocal track, and put pro eq on the insert, and put the S1 compressor on the original track.
Use the LC/HC filters, and try to zero in on where the frequency is the strongest, and then also boost that frequency to exaggerate the signal. Go into the send panel of this track, and create a sidechain send to the compressor in the original vocal.
Now you can start playback and adjust the gain reduction, threshold, attack, and release or the compressor until you get it sounding right. You probably want to use a pretty quick attack/release on the compressor. The exaggerated noise from the duplicate track will now trigger the compressor to reduce the vox only when the clicks appear.


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