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Hi, last night I was shutting down "Studio One Artist" and I had a warning pop up reporting that windows or Studio One has stopped working. I then clicked OK and proceeded to save the song when asked. Today, when I try to find my song in "recent files" nothing is showing up. Do I have any chance to recover this song?
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by Lawrence on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:43 pm
Hi Willie.

The recent files list is populated from an xml file that gets updated when you close a song. Because S1 crashed before you closed the song at least once, it won't list there yet.

The song you worked on is still wherever you created it, just click menu File | Open and navigate to it and open it.
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by Jemusic on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:47 pm
Usually when a song appears in the Recent Files and it wont open means you have moved it for some reason. Not showing at all means Studio One does not have that info yet. (or what Lawrence posted above. When you first create a session I find it is smart to actually save it again even before you do anything in it. The Recent Files list will show it the moment you close that session.)

Navigiate to the song folder with Studio One minimised and go right in and look to see you have and what you think should be there. eg Studio One session plus Audio Folder etc..Note: Unless you have created a session elsewhere Studio One may be putting this session file into its own Studio One folder on the C Drive. You must know the title of the file I assume.

You should be seeing the Studio Session files. Then try Opening a session by navigating there and click on it and see what comes up.

If you have a weird situation closing down for any reason I don't always agree to save the session again either. If you actually know that in fact you just saved the session earlier I find it is best sometimes to ignore that request and shut down and reboot etc..It may save a damaged version of the file over the top of what you had.

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by chrisfloudiotis on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:23 pm
Clearing out recent files on the start page also clears out the song list. Unless you have your songs deleted, renamed, or compromised in some way, then there is still hope. You can just copy the songs from your songs file folder into your songs folder or whatever you have it named. The songs will re-populate and you will have the songs appear back in the songs start page. For recent files, just open the song from within the song folder and it will re-populate. I strongly recommend doing a backup of your songs to an external hard drive with a lot of storage space on it. I hope this helps.
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by danielturner8 on Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:15 pm
presonus told me their was update available for my sudio one version 3.So I thought ok lets take advantage of the updates....WRONG!!!! Im so upset 4 months of song files erased...gone gone gone!
I see the files exist in my harddrive somewhere but I can not upload them my audio software including studio one...bleep
Can anybody help me?
I had my stairway to heaven on those files.
I want to smash my presonus interface to bits.
thanks Dan

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