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I have found that I want to re-do only a portion of a track. How do I use the delete to erase just part of a track? Remember to to keep it simple!!!! I'm new at this.

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by jpettit on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:30 am
OK there are several ways to do it and even built in functionality to handle this re-take process.
To keep it simple then you can learn more as you go.

1) If you want to delete/remove part of a take just place the cursor on the edge of the event and drag the end to reduce the size of the take. You can then rerecord that part you hid.

2) You can use the split tool (3) on keyboard) to slice before or after the bad take and then return to the arrow tool ( 1) and select the bad take an hit the delete key.

3) You can set up the Record toolbar View/Record Toolbar to be in the replace mode and or set the Options/Advance/Audio/Play overlapping events to "off" then just record over the bad part and you will not hear it.

4) The forth option is the normal for this as you get more into it which is called "comping" which is to record multiple takes have S1 store each pass a a layer and the pick and choose the best part of each layer using the comping tool.
Here is a free tutorial on comping
phpBB [video]

And last here is a tutorial by Bill Edstrum on Groove 3 training site.

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by matthewgorman on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:37 am
To record over a section, you can also use auto punch (search the manual for that term for more detail).

Basically, you set a loop around the section you want to replace. Engage autopunch by clicking the pushpin next to the tempo information in the transport area to activate. Now place the cursor in front of the punch point with enough time to get you playing along with the part (or use preroll which is in the same section of the manual as autopunch), and hit the record button to start playback. The song will play, and when the cursor reaches the loop start, it will record, then stop recording at the end of the loop.


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