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easy... intelligent, ergonomic, rock solid, robust DAW that rarely crashes. Oh... and the color... I love glacial blue... it's my favorite color. :shock:

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by MisterE on Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:37 am
Jlien X wroteSimple and fast global time-stretching.

While I'm not really sure how well the competition handles time stretching and shrinking, I've been pleasantly shocked how forgiving S1 is when it comes to slowing things down and speeding them up. No artifacts whatsoever with big BPM changes. The program is also very intuitive at knowing what to do with files imported at different BPM.

The built-in mastering/CD burning is obviously big bang for the buck.

And just this week my buddy who's all ga ga over his UA plugs, many of which cost as much as the whole S1 program if not more had to admit that my golden-eared engineer got more out of S1's "welfare plugs" like compressors and EQs than my buddy ever did with all his "high-end" plugs. For example, using the Scuffham S-Gear effect ($99) and ProEQ (maybe $7 when figured as part of the S1 Professional package), at a total expenditure of $106 sounds basically like a million bucks with the right tweaks.

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