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I'm currently finding my way around the new Studio one-6.5 release with Dolby Atmos rendering. My question is regarding compatibility with players after rendering. Is there anyone out there with a Sonos surround system (e.g. ARC +surrounds) who has succeeded in rendering a multichannel audio song from Studio One-6.5 in Dolby Atmos and managed to play it from a network drive (NAS) through their system?

As an example, when I stream Dolby Atmos music from Amazon the Atmos logo appears on the Sonos system and it plays fine. Sometimes streaming Amazon and Netflix films also show the Atmos logo, as does playing a blue-ray disc. When I try a rendered file from Studio One-6.5 , anything other than stereo or binaural (Dolby Atmos) fails to play, and shows the message "unrecognised file format". Do I have a misunderstanding of application in this respect, or is it a Studio One-6.5 misconfiguration issue?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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by lbolen on Wed Feb 14, 2024 1:58 am
I have exactly the same question…

So far I have not found out a file format that will playback from my phone or stream to my Apple TV and output as Dolby Atmos.

There seems to be no hints or help of any sort from Presonus.🤔
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by Vocalpoint on Wed Feb 14, 2024 9:55 am
lbolen wroteSo far I have not found out a file format that will playback from my phone or stream to my Apple TV and output as Dolby Atmos.

My understanding of this is that the Presonus Studio One ATMOS implementation creates industry standard (Dolby Labs certified) ADM BWF files as its key output deliverable.

However these files are an intermediate - and they act as input formats for both the Dolby Media Encoder and Dolby Encoding Engine tools.

"The Dolby Media Encoder offers a feature rich UI which makes it easy for a user to configure and encode an audio source file for final delivery to a consumer device"

See here:

https://customer.dolby.com/content-crea ... -ac-4-v340

It is these tools that create the actual file-based deliverables that may work on a phone or a Sonos - but I have no experience with them. It also appears both are licensed products that need to be purchased from either Dolby Labs or other related vendors.


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