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Dear Studio One users,

Studio One 6.5.1 is now available for download in MyPreSonus (or click “Check for Updates” in Studio One).
The complete release notes and version history can be found in your account.

Thanks for all feedback!

Version 6.5.1 Release Notes (November 01, 2023):


o Speaker Mapping in plug-in header now allows swapping channels via drag & drop
o Vertical snapping now restored when dragging Events to other Tracks
o [Linux] Warning when audio device is in use by another application


The following issues have been fixed:

o [Bit Crusher] Downsampling sounds different after reactivation
o [DAW Mode] StudioLive S-Series mixer freezing when loading song with >100 channels
o [DAWproject] Certain audio parts not time-stretched
o [Linux] Freeze when creating song from smart template with audio files
o [Linux] Graphical glitches with time cursor and animations
o [Linux] JACK and ALSA devices block each other
o [Linux] File system permission issues with shared data folders
o [macOS] Crash on right-clicking channel when another channel with pinned Overview is selected
o [macOS] No multichannel option for AU plug-ins displayed when available
o [macOS] Potential crash when dropping many chords on instrument track
o [macOS] Potential crash when loading certain picture files
o [macOS] Video thumbnail creation can get stuck when source file contains invalid data
o [Console] Clipping indicator does not light up
o [Note Editor] "Legato" shouldn't extend Note Events to Part end in all cases
o [Pattern Editor] Text input of individual step count broken
o [ProEQ³] Toggling quality mode changes band frequency
o [Show Page] Lyrics for next song do not automatically show up in performance view
o [Surround Delay] Potential error when stepping through presets
o [Surround Panner] Changing channel focus disengages ControlLink device focus
o [Windows] "Enter" key does not insert line break in Lyrics Editor
o [Windows] GUI in certain 3rd-party plug-ins not entirely responsive
o [Windows] Macro Page commands don't use Macro Page of currently focused area
o [Video] Certain exports fail when set to Dolby AC3
o Presence XT “Artist Instruments” presets not showing up
o Audio file channel mapping not recalled
o Automation node pop-up doesn't automatically focus on data field
o Can't drag audio event with crossfade to Chord Track
o Canceling "Transform to Audio Track" of Multi Instrument does not delete all bounces
o Certain 3rd-party panner not listed as surround panner
o Crash when initializing certain Dante PCIe-R boards
o Diminished 7 chords are not recognized
o Export Spatial Audio dialog settings not stored when all checkboxes unchecked
o Lyrics display does not update when editing Lyrics events
o "Manage Plug-ins" does nothing when browser shows search results
o Merging audio events does not retain clip boundaries
o MPE Note Off is generated immediately after Note On
o Multichannel plug-in routing not correct with certain speaker setups
o Note resizing stretches part automation
o Panner open state is not recalled after loading a song
o Plug-in extension Solo not working for groups
o Potential crash when quitting the application while searching the file system
o Potential crash when switching from Atmos to Surround in Song Setup dialog
o Quantizing 50% does not move notes individually
o Renderer channel isn't expanding on double click
o Selection doesn't follow entirely when selecting empty Instrument Tracks
o Selection skips Tracks after closing a folder
o "SkyDust3D" Track Preset reloads wrong output configuration
o Surround Delay presets are not displayed after installation, manual re-indexing is needed
o Undoing "Move to Cursor" irreversibly corrupts Part Automation
o Unexpected results when multiple crossfades are edited simultaneously

QA Specialist, PreSonus Software, Hamburg, Germany
Mainly MacOS, guest star appearances on Windows & Linux

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