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I am building a new Windows computer with Window 10 (maybe 11). I am looking for motherboard, CPU recommendations. Thank you in advance.
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by reggie1979beatz on Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:03 pm
I admit my ignorance with mobos. In fact, the one I have on this computer I think is at least partially responsible for the noisy issues I have between in and guitars/bass and interference (My "older" computer is better) One thing you DO NOT want to do if you play guitar or bass is get something with a bunch of lights for pretty display. When those were on, the interference was even worse :roll: (I had no clue at the time)

But I digress, personally, I think that you/others should get as much GHZ per core as opposed to mo' cores. Why? Because with the exception of Reaper, all hosts/plugs still rely on the first core and it's a bottleneck. (you'd think in 2023 this would be less of an issue) Anyways, that's my 2c. I haven't put together my "new" "new" computer yet. It's an MSI board and isn't a gaming board per say, and I got an AMD Ryzen 9 @4.7GHZ (12 physical cores) I've got this thing hummin' along pretty good so I might just send that back. The chip (i5 11600k) is pretty slick. And you can get even better chips for what I paid now me thinks. Compared to my older 4770k, there is a significant difference in performance, for example.

BTW, there are several newer threads here with all of the this already mentioned, I highly recommend that you read them, sift out what you find irrelevant, and try to put that to use :)

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by Vocalpoint on Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:47 pm
davidbarrow wroteI am building a new Windows computer with Window 10 (maybe 11). I am looking for motherboard, CPU recommendations. Thank you in advance.

Take a look at my signature for my current build components. The ASUS ProART board is killer and there is a much newer model now (Z690) - not cheap but will last you forever. And the CPU is still an unbelievable value but again - there is a much newer model now.



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by MisterE on Sat Feb 04, 2023 4:06 pm
This forum is a million times better place to keep up with Studio One than the sub-forum on Gearspace; however, this long-running Gearspace/Music Computers thread is a million times more extensive than this forum when it comes to PC building. It's pretty much the last word on that.

https://gearspace.com/board/music-compu ... hread.html

Yeah, it's 13 years, old, but just skip ahead to posts starting a few months ago. You'll find all the discussions about beginning, intermediate, and very advanced building you could hope for. It will also help you decide between Win10 and Win11. There's a lot of discussion about ultra high end machines, but more "normal" machine specs are interspersed as well.

Essentially, if you go Intel, you want the 12000 or 13000 series, and, if you go AMD, the 5000 or 7000 series. Asus ProArt is indeed a good choice for mobo as is Gigabyte Vision.

End of life is coming in a few years for Win10, so do your research and make sure all your hardware and software is already optimized for Win11 so you don't have to switch OS down the road. Most of it already is -- but not all of it.

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