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Does anybody know whether the Transform To Rendered Audio function, when used on a multi-out drum VST like BDF3, bounces all tracks simultaniously? Or does it render each output seperately?

I've been bouncing down drum parts with seperate outputs for each mic and I've noticed that when I do so, Studio One appears to render each output consecutively, however I don't know how it handles this internally.

This normally wouldn't bother me too much but as it's a virtual rendering of a drum performance, I obviously need the close mics. overheads and room mics to match up. When I play back the rendered audio, there doesn't appear to be any phase incoherence but I may be tricking myself - I might be mixing a song without an optimal drum recording.

I've tried looking for information regarding this but so far I've found nothing.
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by jBranam on Sat Feb 04, 2023 8:52 am
if the midi is one whole part then it renders all together

as for the whole midi to render each drum part separately what i do is to select the midi track then 'explode pitches to track' which places each kit piece in it's own midi track and THEN either 'transform to audio' or print/render each of those out. once each piece is in waveform you can then phase align the parts.

hope that helps


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