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Workflow-wise I'm kinda happy. Geek-that-ain't-right is flaring wildly

Starting with no GR6 preset loaded, add components, learn MIDI controls. Everything working correctly.

Save a Studio One preset instead of a GR6 preset and everything recalls/functions properly in new sessions and songs. Managing presets via SO instead of the plug itself is definitely doable for me, but ...

This isn't right. It tells me that there is some kind of interference going on between GR and SO. I'll pair it down and report a step-wise recipe for both vendors.


Studio One Pro - latest / Win10Pro x64 (latest) / i7-6700 @3.8Ghz / 32G / UMC1820 / Event PS8
RC w/Galaxy S7+ / KKS61MK2 / Atom SQ
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by JohnBW on Sun Feb 05, 2023 7:23 pm
I tried Amplitube 5 with SO5, Reaper, and Cakewalk.

A saved AT5 preset recalled MIDI learn correctly for 2 controls in the other two DAWs. But in SO5, only the first MIDI learn parameter was recalled. The second parameter was "forgotten". This ain't right...

Studio One Pro v5.5.2, Win10 Pro

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