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I have an issue with using Studio One 6 with an external synth in MPE mode and support can't help and suggested I seek help here.

When using an external synth in MPE mode, I can hear it when track monitoring is On, and I can record a MIDI clip.
However, the MIDI clip won't play correctly: it is next to inaudible, and it doesn't sound at all like what was played on the keyboard, so I suspect the MPE data is not sent correctly.

This happens with a brand new Hydrasynth Explorer.
I unfortunately do not have access to another MPE synth.

However, this is clearly a Studio One issue: I have no problem whatsoever neither with Ableton Live nor with Bitwig Studio

I followed the Studio One's user guide and the KB instructions to setup an external synth to a T.

Could anybody make it work? With which synth? What configuration?

Note that the issue only happens in MPE mode: there are no issues when simply using the synth as a poly aftertouch synth.

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