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Dear Studio One users,

happy new year and happy new Version 5.5 of Studio One!
Hopefully you had the chance to spend some time with your family. Because now we have an awesome improvements new feature package for you! For all our mastering engineers there are new features of your main requests. Also orchestral musicians, mixing engineers and audio editors should have a look at the release notes down below.

all the best

ps: If you find studio one sounds better now for any reason - probably because of the new game-changing dithering algorithm.
Version 5.5 Release Notes (January 11, 2022):

New features and improvements:

Project Page
● Track Automation
● Clip Gain Envelopes
● Listen Bus
● Track Transform
● Multiple format export for Digital Release
● Target Loudness on Digital Release
● Tab to rename Tracks
● Option to replace audio on Track
● Default track pause is now set to 0 for new Projects

Show Page
● Detached Performance View for dual monitor use

Workflow and Performance
● Automation included in Mix Scenes
● Plug-in Nap option per plug-in
● Remote control Impact XT / Sample One XT sample editors with ATOM SQ and ATOM
● Copy/Paste pads in Impact XT
● Drag & Drop MIDI files to Chord Track
● Chord Selector: new 2, b5 and #5 intervals (tensions)
● Create strum pattern by dragging notes
● Draw vertical stacks of notes
● Manual time stretching by adjusting Event start
● Option to Snap Event End to grid
● Ampire – faster preset switching
● Limit of simultaneously added tracks increased to 500

● New state-of-the-art dithering algorithm
● Improved handling of plug-in processing errors
● Support for Opus audio file format
● Plug-in list in Diagnostics Report
● Display plug-in name and slot on Automation Tracks
● Support for Steinberg CC121 and Tascam Model 12

New Commands
● Project Page - Transform to Rendered Audio
● Project Page - Transform to Real Time Audio
● Score - Toggle Note or Rest

The following issues have been fixed:

● [Ampire] Noise when disabling/enabling Plug-in Nap
● [Apple Silicon] Certain AU Plug-ins are not tempo-synced
● [Audio Editor] Audio Events may disappear when Gain Envelopes are enabled
● [Mixer] Black screen artifacts when large/small fader button is toggled in fullscreen mode
● [Mixer] VST3 instruments sub-outs not added on activation
● [Pedalboard] Phase parameter in Modulation Pedal has wrong tooltip
● [Project Page] Showing LU instead of LUFS on recall
● [Project Page] "Show/Hide Loudness" doesn't expand after detection
● [Project Page] Changing gain from the context menu in a project doesn't trigger "Update Loudness"

● [Sample One] [Impact XT] Scroll to loop end does not work reliably
● [Show Page] Crash in Performance View when executing transport and locate commands
● [Show Page] Instrument Track input doesn't save the 'None' state
● “666” error on processing particular Audio Events
● Can't remove VocAlign from Event FX
● Certain templates not showing Note Editor window
● Data zoom resets on timeline position change
● Dragging notes in Editor is slow when automation lanes are displayed
● Double-click on unselected Track doesn't locate cursor

● Filtering many Tracks by name is slow
● Manual time stretch does not stop playback when Event is not under playhead any more
● Notion Sequencer Overlay view remains visible once transferred to Studio One
● Potential crash when dragging window to second monitor
● Render Instrument Track does not work for Chord Track manipulation
● Removing a layer from a grouped track no longer removes all layers across the group
● SoundCloud may drop its connection after a certain time
● Track numbers in tracklist > 999 are cut off

Known issue:
● [macOS High Sierra] Graphics Hardware Acceleration cannot be enabled

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Studio One 5 Professional

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