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Prior to 5.4 I had, in my Effects and Instrument browsers, a folder where I placed all the items I never and won't use (e.g., VST2 versions, Neutron 2 plugs since I have version 3, "Live" versions of Waves plugs such as ADT). I blocklisted the folders when 5.4 came out, and while mixing a song yesterday noticed that the Sidechain button in Waves' Vocal Rider (stereo) was just gone. I then noticed it was absent from all my Waves plugins, plus some others.

At first I wondered if just mis-remembered that sidechaining was an option for Vocal Rider, but a quick youtube search confirmed it was. So after some real head-scratching, I was left with whether the blocklist caused a problem, and removed all the plugins -- simply too many to check one-by-one. And while Sidechaining returned to the stereo Vocal Rider (and various other plugs), it did not for the mono version. And I don't know if all Waves plugins had side-chaining or not, but I'll keep plowing through to see what I can learn.

I'll send in a support ticket but wanted to see if anyone else has come across the phenomenon.

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by bailatosco on Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:49 am
I've never had problems with blacklisting plugins, except for Waves.
That might be because all Waves plugins are contained in a "shell", so they are all cousins somehow. In my case if I blacklisted one plugin they all just disappeared from my plugins list. So yeah, I just hide them.

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