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While checking out this new feature I noticed the same plugin on a track and on a bus (here, S1's ProEQ), didn't consistently Nap when the song was stopped. The track plugins did, and I believe so did a "bus" that is actually a track folder setup as a bus (I will have to pay closer attention when I'm next in the studio), but not the main instrument busses that feed the Main Out. Same for the Main Out.

If this is a feature, what is the purpose? If not, then it appears to be a bug.

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by reggie1979beatz on Sat Sep 18, 2021 3:28 pm
I just turned it off and don't worry about it. I've had a bunch of janky stuff happen. Contacted support, they got back quickly but basically just dismissed my concerns. PLEASE DON'T SCOLD ME for that :lol:

In fact, it's done a number of strange things, but mostly it simply does not work. Anyone else wants to take a shot at support, please do! I feel there is something a miss, but I'm not sure how to be any clearer with them in the description.

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Good god, it's brilliant.

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