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Dear Studio One users,

the new feature update Studio One version 5.4 is available now. There are some huge improvements and new features in terms of performance and stability. Say "Good Night!" to plug-ins without audio processing. Say "Welcome!" to Native M1 support! And explore the new workflow improvements.

Have a good time and fun with the new features!


Version 5.4 Release Notes (September 14, 2021):

New features and improvements:
● Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) processors
● Plug-in Nap – CPU-performance optimization
● Performance optimizations for Mix Engine FX
● Improved Autosave behavior
● Export Song to multiple audio file formats in one pass
● Realtime chord display in Editor
● New Chord Display floating window
● Improved chord detection

● Note Controller support for Audio Unit instruments
● Additional HD video frame rate support
● New “Set Time Offset to Cursor” option
● Updated Plug-in Manager with statistics
● Manual blocklisting of plug-ins
● User-definable diagnostics report and profiling options
● “Copy external files” option for Songs, Projects, and Shows
● New command “Insert Instrument Parts from Chord Track”
● “Remove all” option for sends

● Time Display and Remaining Record Time window now resizable
● FaderPort 8 + 16: On/Off for individual send slots
● FaderPort 8 + 16: Display send or cue mix slot numbers on display
● Switch Mono/Stereo for multiple selected tracks
● Mixdown settings also stored when dialog is canceled
● Improved file naming for mixdown between markers
● Long track names now abbreviated in plug-in window header

The following issues have been fixed:
● ROLI Equator (v1) VST3 plug-in no longer blocked
● [ATOM SQ] Control Link parameter drag and drop not working
● [ATOM SQ] Macro commands not displayed correctly
● [ATOM SQ] Text updates exceeding a certain length are ignored
● [FaderPort 8/16] Some tracks not shown after opening a song
● [FaderPort 8/16] Operating mode is not detected on launch under certain conditions
● [macOS] Delay in drag when moving a pinned editor
● [macOS] Playback may get stuck when using stock instruments
● [macOS] Security mechanism misses Waves 11 plug-in crashes

● [Note Editor] Editing might lag in certain cases, e. g. with many sound variations
● [PreSonus Sphere] Deleting multiple files in a workspace in Cloud tab is limited to two files
● [Sample One] Potential crash when playing reversed samples at 96 kHz
● [Score Editor] Certain transposed instrument tracks not playing back correctly
● [Score Editor] Duplicating musical directions causes overlaps in most situations
● [Score Editor] Jumps after entering score symbol
● [Score Editor] Sometimes incorrect rests are entered when editing events

● Alt + mouse wheel to select next layers stopped working
● Arpeggiator Note FX auditions without receiving events under certain conditions
● Arranger/Chord/Marker tracks cannot be opened in certain situations
● Automation tracks packed to a folder don't follow Solo/Mute state
● Broken automation lane for FabFilter Simplon
● Dragging audio clips from Pool to Impact/SampleOne not working
● Exported MIDI file contains scratch pad data
● Folder tracks do not follow "Disable Events under automation envelopes" option
● Horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel in Console only works properly above faders
● Impact XT pitch names out of sync when used in Multi Instrument
● Instrument automation keeps writing to undo history during playback

● Note Controller not reset when part removed
● Note Controllers don’t reset to default as expected for VST3 instruments
● Output Movement from Studio Magic Bundle does not appear in Studio One 5 Prime
● Parts and events should be selected exclusively when drawn with pencil tool
● “Play Overlaps” settings revert to default when tracks are transformed
● Potential crash when selecting Browser tabs
● Potential crash on deleting unused instruments while multiple songs are open
● Switching process precision changes event gain
● Track Notes width not stored properly
● "Select Highest/Lowest Notes" macros select too many notes
● Very long audio files may loop unexpectedly

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Studio One 5 Professional

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