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Due to space - removing S08 Yamaha and midi keyboard for something new. Could use help.

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 3:54 pm
by billagle
My instrument is acoustic guitar; I play and do studio work with a fingerpicking style. While I play a little piano for my writing and recording, while I play a little piano, I use lite effects and small keyboard parts. I can play a keyboard part if I work on that - but mostly bring someone in; however, I need a quality midi keyboard, as many keys as possible, or octaves. I use Studio One Pro, so I would like something that blends easily with the software.
Here are the issues and questions. I need weighted keys - normal weighted keys. And the thickness of the keyboard is important because most pianos are 6", and I am looking for something less to use with a slide-out tray. The new height of my desktop needs to be at 30 or below.
Having an injury, I have spent time re-learning. As a result, I either need a keyboard with weighted keys with effects or better a midi with weighted keys that work well with Personus and are as thin as possible.
The ease of figuring out effects during my relearning period would be helpful.