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Some times when dragging a track to the groove window it only does "part" of the track.

If I do transient detection on the entire track, then drag that to the groove window, maybe it only does the first half of the track. So I have to split the track into multiple events, drag the first event to the groove window and then drag it back down to an instrument track. Then drag the 2nd event, 3rd event, etc. to get the entire track.

It seems like maybe it only allows a certain max number of transients to be dragged into the groove window, since on some tracks that have less detected transients it will do the entire track.

Is there a setting some where to allow more "hits" to be dragged into the groove window?

Very time consuming to have to drag a track multiple times to get the entire track. I don't remember this happing in other versions of S1 so maybe it's a bug? I'm currently running the latest 5.3.

Thanks, gabo

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