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I'm having a lot of popping that occurs at the beginning and end of MIDI events. I thought this might be a processor overloading issue, but it happens even if the Performance monitor shows a mid-range load. Is the meter perhaps not reading accurately?

I've followed a lot of the steps presonus prescribes for maximizing performance and I'm still having this issue.

I do have 4 instances of Kontakt and one Diva instrument loaded, so maybe it's too much? I have made multi-istruments where possible to cut down on the instances of Kontakt, but since you can't get individual console channels for each instrument in a multi-, I've done as much as I can there.

Any tips?

Intel Core i7-7700 2.80gz
16gb ram
I'm using the window sound driver right now. It get's worse when I use my Scarlet 2i2.

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