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Anyone got a macro that will take a track containing chords and split it into x tracks each containing one line of notes from the chords? This is not the same as explode pitch to tracks.

Imagine I have track 1 filled with triad chords.
I want to end up with track 2 with the top note of each triad, track 3 with the middle note of each triad and track 4 with the bottom note of each triad. In realty I'll be using chords of 5 or 6 notes but the principle is the same.

At present I'm just duplicating the track x times and then using the select top/bottom notes thing to manually delete the notes I don't want. It's a fairly quick process but prone to human error so a macro would be better.

And in case you are wondering about why I do this it's to get a starting point for orchestrating strings - split a 6 note chord across violin, viola, cello and bass. They all need further editing, particularly the higher instruments but the chord notes give a great starting point.

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