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I have an issue after upgrading to the Studio One 5 from Studio One 3. Its either probably something that's a really simple fix or possibly something that can't be fixed.

So I have some songs that I've recorded and mixed that I did in Studio One 3 and I want to just tweak the mixes then send them to master. But when I open the songs in Studio One 5 it has reset all the plugins to default, so for example with guitar tracks using Ampire, as that plug has upgrades all the tracks are just defaulted to their normal setting. I assume this will be due to the presets being different on the new version of ampire. If there anything I can do about this?

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by Tacman7 on Thu Jun 17, 2021 8:52 am
Anything you own is in your account so you could reinstall 3.

If you had 3 would it remember the settings? If it used to do it, it still would, I would think.

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by Lokeyfly on Sun Jun 20, 2021 11:03 pm
That's an awsome suggestion Tac. Yeah, it's pretty imperative to mix or master in the most non invasive way, such as avoid coming into a new version.

Additional tip if it helps, backup all of your version 3 songs, and when attempting to save them in version 5, rename each song so that it's holds the same name with some modifier that is clear it's been now saved in version 5 in the filename.

Secondly, version 5 has some seriously great advantages over 3 such as mixer Snapshots, and clip editing, for instant peak level or transient tweeks for keeping your headroom high, as apposed to over compressing, or limiting too hard.

So no matter, there will be work to be done but you'll enjoy doing them in version 5 more so. Just have the version 3 mixdown ready for comparison. You could plop them in the song and Solo compare, or place the track later in the song as a reference. Or. Mix in the Projects page for very quick comparisons.

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