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Hey guys, so i just installed Bias FX 2 on my desktop. It runs smoothly and fine in Stand Alone Mode.

But when I open Studio One 2, and click and drag it into the FX. nothing happens, it won't open the controls or anything, it's just a small tab that says FX 2 (or FX3 if there's already a previous FX loaded) and has a volume and a power button- if i click the downward arrow nothing.

For comparison i have the BIAS FX plugin and it works just fine when i click and drag it in the track/effects.

Both my Studio One and BIAS FX 2 are x64 so i don't know how to fix this.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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by garyshepherd on Tue Jun 15, 2021 4:54 am
You have no details of what platform, operating system, version of software or computer you are using.

BIAS FX2 works fine on my system using the VST3 plugin. You will have trouble with any AU versions.

Perhaps you should add to your signature all your details so we at least know what the context is. You can see mine below.

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by edwine1 on Wed Jun 16, 2021 2:09 pm
Maybe something to do with compatibility in Studio One 2.
S1 v2 was a long time ago; BIAS FX 2 is fairly recent in comparison.

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