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Dear Studio One users,

the new feature update Studio One version 5.2 is available now! With lots of new composer features, recording- and mixing improvements and completely new features for the show page we hope to boost your creativity to the max.

Have nice early spring, stay healthy and have fun with the update!

Version 5.2 Release Notes (March 9, 2021):

Please note:

- Make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.
- [macOS only] If you’re experiencing any graphics issues with 3rd-party plug-ins, you may disable graphics hardware acceleration (Preferences > General) for improved compatibility.

New features and improvements:

Recording and Mixing
o Increased buffer for Retrospective Recording
o Splitter available as a plug-in
o Micro view for Splitter in mixer
o Pan for multiple selected channels
o Improved tempo detection and approval
o External Instruments Transform

● Arrangement and Editing
o Live arranging with Arranger Track
o New Sound Variations system and mapping editor
o Assign Sound Variations with right-click
o Control Sound Variations via remote commands and macros
o Save Sound Variations map with instrument preset
o Auto import and conversion option for existing key switch maps
o Dynamic mapping for third- party instruments (via new API for developers)
o Score View: drum notation support
o Score View: guitar tablature support
o Score View: support for multiple voices
o Improved velocity range selection in Note Editor
o “Smarter” Arrow Tool behavior in Piano View

● Live Performance
o Arranger Track on Show Page
o Chord Track on Show Page
o Automatic Patch changes on Arranger Sections
o Alternative playback modes for Arranger Sections
o Live arranging with Arranger Track
o Updated Performance View with new pages for Arranger Sections and Patches
o Show control from Studio One Remote

● PreSonus Sphere
o Access Workspaces from Browser
o Upload and download via drag & drop for selected file types

● General
o Compatibility with Apple Silicon based Macs (using Rosetta 2)
o Improved ATOM SQ integration
o FaderPort integration improvements
o Studio One Remote 1.6 update
o MIDI bank change UI improvements
o Safety and recovery options
o Full-screen mode for Windows

New commands

● Arranger
o Stop at End of Bar
o Stop at End of Section
o Set Sync Mode 1 Bar
o Set Sync Mode 2 Bars
o Set Sync Mode 4 Bars
o Set Sync Mode End
o Set Sync Mode Off
o Goto Section 1..16

● Audio
o New Clip Version
o Separate Shared Copies

● Event
o Separate Shared Copies
o Convert Keyswitches to Sound Variations

● Edit
o Show Tracks with Events

● File
o Open with Options

● Score
o Double at Interval
o Quantize to Notation
o Rebuild Score
o Send to Voice 1
o Send to Voice 2
o Send to Voice 3
o Send to Voice 4

● Show
o Set Section Playback Mode Continue
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop and Continue
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop and Skip
o Set Section Playback Mode Stop at End
o Toggle Section Playback Mode Loop / Continue

● Sound Variation
o Apply Variation 1..20
o Find and Apply Variation

● Track
o Unpack Selected Layers to Tracks

● View
o Fullscreen

The following issues have been fixed:
● [macOS High Sierra] Crash on loading certain songs
● [macOS] CPU spikes when using "CharacterSaw" in MaiTai or changing the "Pre"
parameter value in Room Reverb on M1 driven Macs
● [FaderPort 8/16] Control Link: autofill mappings are overwritten by static mappings
● [Faderport 8/16] Track visibility with Studio One is not synced
● [Score Editor] Wrong playback for tremolos on 8th notes or shorter
● [Sample One XT] Potential crash while adjusting sample boundaries
● Moving events in nested folders don’t display correctly
● Swing notes not been applied correctly in the pattern editor
● "Layers follow events" resets when duplicating track
● Preview in song tempo only works with first loop
● Show Page not changing presets in certain situations
● “Bounce selection” from bar 1 w/ external instrument inaccurate
● Vienna Ensemble load time regression
● Removing plug-ins from AUX channels won’t reset latency
● Failure to import very long MP3 files
● Preview in song tempo only works with first loop
● Sends are duplicated when recalling track with side chain
● Changing time signature not working for Scratch Pads
● VU Meter shows clip before 0 dbfs
● Quantize issues with late and early 16ths
● Multi-outs saved in a Instrument+FX preset or Musicloop are not recalled correctly

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Studio One 5 Professional

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