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I know Maschine and have watched some Atom and Atom SQ workflow videos but atm I have no room for Atom so I'm looking for a hotkey/macro way of doing it.

The great thing for me about Maschine is the note editor where I can edit position, key, length and velocity as well as cycle through the notes just with the encoders.

For me editing notes with the mouse is the big pain about all DAWs out there. S1 still has the one big thing to be able to change note start and end using the scroll wheel over the fields and not having to zoom-drag-hold all the time to set notes precisely.

I'm not a great keyboarder and finger drummer and always have to set events manually besides quantization. Also I mainly work with midi and only come to audio when it's neccessary.

I cannot find keyboard commands for
- moving (increasing/decreasing the "start" value)
- shortening/lengthening (increasing/decreasing the "end" value) and
- changing the actual visible automation value (velocity, ...) for
the selected note in the command list.

Has anyone found something useful there?

Studio One 4 Pro / Windows 10 64Bit, Ryzen 2700, GTX 1060, 24 GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung m.2, Maschine, Keylab mk2 49, Console1

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